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Description of services
Telemarketing could be an effective, efficient, and a profitable method of reaching potential clients. Accuracy and availability of phone numbers is an integral part of any telemarketing campaign. Our phone append services will add phone numbers to your list of businesses. We DO NOT do individual phone append.


Database content
Businesses: Our business database contains +12 million records, containing listings from yellow pages and various public records databases, updated monthly.

Individuals: We do NOT do individual phone append.

Unlisted phone numbers: Please note that we do NOT have any unlisted phone numbers.

NOTE: If you are requesting phone append services for our tax lien or bankruptcy databases, the phone appended is obtained from the public record databases listed above, NOT the actual court record (tax lien record or the bankruptcy record).



Pricing and turn-around
Click here to view our phone append pricing. Please keep in mind that unlike other vendors we charge for each record we append in your database, therefore if we do not find a match or a similar to your record - then we don't charge you. For instance, you give us a list of 20,000 records and we only append 16,500 of them - then we charge you only for the 16,500 we were able to append.


Requirements for your file
The more complete and accurate information you provide us, the more accurate your results will be and the fewer matches you'll receive.  For instance if your input file only contains business name and state, your results will be less accurate and more similars than if your input file was business name and complete address. 
  • Requirements for businesses: Your business file may be in any of the following formats:
    • Business name and complete address. This method will provide you with the best results.
    • Business name and state.
    • Complete address but NO names.
    • Phone number only, if you are doing a reverse phone append.
  • Acceptable file formats: We can accept your file in comma delimited, tab delimited, dbf 3, dbf 4, dbf 5, and MS Excel 5 and newer (note that MS Excel files have a limitation on the list size, e.g. Excel 2000 can only contain 65,536 records, earlier versions will support even fewer). We prefer and recommend comma delimited files.
  • Your list structure: Your list must have a separate field (column) for each data type, i.e. business name, street address, city, state, zip, county, or phone number (if you're doing reverse phone append). 
  • How do you get the file to us: Via email


Your results
Your results can be sent to you in a variety of methods. You may choose to receive your results in two different formats:
  • Acrobat pdf report: This is the recommended choice. This report is simple and very easy to read. Following are some samples:
  • Raw data: This format is available in comma delimited, tab delimited, dbf 3, dbf 4, dbf 5, Excel 97 and Excel 2000. To see a business sample click here, or an individual sample. This format is useful if you plan to import the results into your in-house program.  We do not provide technical support in understanding or using this format, but it should be easily understood by a programmer or someone of advanced database knowledge.
  • Information you receive: You will receive the following information.  Please note that only the phone number field will be available 100% in your results, the remaining information will vary as shown in parenthesis.
Business Phone Append  
  • Phone number (100%)
  • Address for the found phone number (+90%)
NOTE: In reverse phone append, you provide us with the phone number only, and we give you the rest of the information listed above plus the business or individual name.


It's the LAW
Our database does NOT contain any unlisted phone numbers.  Please keep in mind that there are federal, state, and local laws ("Do NOT call lists") that prohibit telemarketing in some regions, as well as some types of companies are prohibited from telemarketing. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your are in compliance of all applicable laws. 




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