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Sample Data

This page will allow you to download sample data files.   Your orders will look similar to these sample files, with the exception of the content of the file itself. Your files will be similar to the samples, regardless if you receive your order via email or on diskettes or CD's.   Your files will look similar to samples regardless of the format of the data you choose. Your actual data may contain additional fields (columns) or have fewer fields (columns) depending on the type of data you're purchasing. To find out the fields included in your data file, please visit the appropriate product page.

Please do NOT use this data, the information in these sample files are made-up and are NOT real.

Note: Business filings and individual filings are sent in separate files, since the individual filings contain 3 fields for the name (first, last, and initial), but the business filings contain only one field for the business name.  The remaining fields are identical in each file.

Download Sample Files
Please choose the format of the sample data according to the program that you'll be using to view/process the data.  Macintosh users are recommended to use the comma delimited or dbf format. To begin downloading any of the samples below, simply click on the file name.


Business Filings Individual Filings
Microsoft Excel 97 or 2000 Microsoft Excel 97 or 2000
Microsoft Excel 95 or 5.0 Microsoft Excel 95 or 5.0
dbf version III dbf version III
Tab delimited Tab delimited

View Sample Files
Following are screen shots of how the sample files will appear in Microsoft Excel.

sqare.gif (810 bytes)sqare.gif (810 bytes)