Tax Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies


We are one of the largest compilers of  tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies records in the country. You can custom tailor marketing list from various public records databases, using criterion such as state, city, county, filing date, amount, individual vs. business.

We provide regular updates (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly).   We use advanced duplicate elimination process, to eliminate all possible duplicates, such as records with various dates, or amounts against the same debtor - we guarantee NO duplicates.  All addresses are verified against a Postmaster database to ensure deliverability. and accuracy.

Additional services, such as mail merge, and label printing is also available for minimal cost.  Let us do your mail merge for you - so all you need to do is print the letters, stuff the envelops and mail them. We use special programs in your mail merge letters to make them more professional and friendly. 

Updates could be sent via email for fast and free delivery, regular shipping (UPS, FedX, USPS) is also available for additional cost.  Your lists could also be sent to on diskettes or CD's for a nominal cost.  Your updates require no re-typing or any further processing; they could easily be used for mail merge, printing labels, or imported into your in-house database.

There's no set-up cost, no long-term commitments, and the cost per lead is $0.25 to $0.40.  Cost is based on volume purchased.

One time purchases are also welcomed.





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