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The basics of our Mail/Print services
Our mail/print services will save you time and money.   We will do all the work for you, by printing and mailing all your letters.
  • We will print your letters; your letters are mail merged with your purchased data (list), therefore each letter is personally addressed to each customer.
  • We'll print your envelopes (with your name and return address).
  • We can insert any additional advertising material into the envelopes.
  • We will mail your letters.
  • There will be NO indication on any of the material that they were printed by us.
  • The letters will appear very personal and will NOT depict mass advertising/junk mail, which will result in higher percentage of response.

There are many benefits in using our Mail/Print services:
  • Cut down on labor cost, by allowing us to handle all the technical aspects of mail merging, printing your envelopes and letters.
  • Eliminate the aggravation of dealing with third party printers and mailing houses.  We will process your order, send  you the data, and print and mail your letters. This entire process is done automatically for regular customers.
  • Stay competitive in your market place by taking advantage of our prompt production and delivery schedule.

Your letters
We will duplicate your letter and mail merge it with your purchased data (list), so every letter is personally addressed to each potential client.   We will scan your signature and insert it into every letter. Your letter may be one page or two pages (double sided). We will duplicate your letter head, so the printed letters will appear similar as if they were printed on your regular company letter head. Your letters may contain graphics (some restrictions may apply).  Currently we do not print in color. 

Your envelopes
Your name and address will appear as the returned address. Your return address will have the same font and appearance of your letter head. We can also print short messages on your envelopes such as, "Confidential", "Personal", and etc.  To avoid your letters from appearing as part of a mass mail advertising campaign, addresses are printed directly on envelopes as opposed to using labels. We place regular first class stamps (normally Statue of Liberty) on your mail, as opposed to using stamping machines, to achieve a more personal look. We currently do not have bulk rate postage available. We can print your envelopes with or without bar codes, we recommend NO bar codes, since letters with bar codes generally represent mass mailings (junk mail).

For an additional $0.03 per piece, we will include a one page insert/flyer with your letter. This may be a regular sheet or a folded pamphlet.   We can also print this insert for you for an additional fee, the cost is based on the type of paper and the printing involved.  Your insert must be already designed, we currently do not design advertising.  Or you may simply ship us your already printed material. 

Delivery and production schedule
Most mail/print jobs are printed and mailed within one to two business days from the time your list has been processed.

Follow up mailings
We can also do your follow up mailings.  This is printing/mailing a follow up letter to your already purchased leads (list).  Your letters are stamped with a unique serial number, which allows you to identify and report the Undeliverables to us, to exclude them from future follow up mailings.  The serial number is a small 6 to 10 digit number that can be printed either on the outside of the envelope (left bottom section) or anywhere on your letter.  We recommend printing them on your envelopes, so you will not need to open each returned mail to record the number.

Packages available
We offer five types of paper that the material is printed on.  The letter and the envelope are printed on the same type of paper.  Our printing services include printing black and white letters including your signature, printing envelopes, and mail merging your purchased data with your letter.
Printing on standard white (regular white 24 lbs. laser copy paper, no texture, no water mark), one page letter & matching envelope #10 $0.30 per piece 600 pieces minimum
6x9 envelope, your letters will be folded in half, available in white only additional $0.06 per piece 600 pieces minimum
Printing on standard ivory (24 lbs., no texture, no water mark) one page letter & matching envelope #10 $0.35 per piece 600 pieces minimum
Printing on premium ivory (textured 24 lbs. linen paper with water mark), one page letter & matching envelope #10 $0.37 per piece 600 pieces minimum
Printing on premium white (super white, 24 lbs. textured paper with water mark), one page letter & matching envelope #10 $0.37 per piece 600 pieces minimum
Printing on pepper blend (off white, 24 lbs. textured paper, no water marks, with subtle speckles) one page letter & matching envelope #10 $0.40 per piece 600 pieces minimum
Two sided printing (duplex) on all above paper types additional $0.03 per piece  
Printing on pre-printed postcards (supplied by customer) $0.05 per piece 1,000 pieces minimum
One time set-up fee for mailing accounts $300  
One time set-up fee for duplicating each additional letter $45  
1st class postage $0.41 per piece  
Pre-sort 1st class automation contact us 600 pieces minimum
Bulk/3-rd class postage contact us 600 pieces minimum

How to get started
Getting started is easy, just follow a few simple steps.

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